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Do you have a personal vacation dream in mind? are you planning a road trip for yourself, friends or family? Just dream and let us know what you want. We design the perfect bespoke exclusive Morocco tour itinerary that caters for your requirements and personal interest. Our tailor-made particular individual itinerary will exclusively be designed to your end depending on your travel interests, particular aimed activities, custom route and budget; we design the trip that is right for you, we help with some suggesting ideas to complement your own to build and create the ideal itinerary that suits your needs, time and budget. You set your travel departure and a return date with all necessary information, and we will take care of the rest to make your dream vacation come true.


Solo travel offers more opportunities to meet new people in our life; it also increases self-confidence by making our own decisions, so we are the only ones to choose what we want to see or to do, we can do whatever we want during our trip, go wherever we want, choose our challenges and activities. Sometimes we feel we need some time to be alone & free, to be far from our entourage & people we know. We want to go somewhere to discover new destinations, new people and new cultures while travelling solo especially that good adventure partners are hard to find. With us, you can enjoy travelling alone without being lonely. Our Morocco solo tour packages are exclusively designed for you! so don’t hesitate to come and remember that if you never go, you’ll never know & that travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.

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Travelling together as a couple makes you and your partner more likely to communicate well, enjoy more romance, spend, enjoy happy times, explore new destinations together, share common goals and especially be satisfied in your relationships and have a fun trip together, unforgettable moments and experiences of your life side by side, day in day out, night and day with the one you love. So it’s time to move on to a new challenge in your life! Come and live some very special, romantic and memorable moments together in our special bespoke Morocco couple tours tailored exclusively for our dear couples!

Family Tour Morocco

Travelling with family is a unique experience that helps your children boost their self-confidence, make memories, learn, gain information and broaden their horizons by meeting new cultures and experiencing new adventures. All you need is to pick one of our exclusive bespoke Family tour Morocco itineraries made only for you and your valuable family for your next family holiday; come and share new and meaningful experiences with family and loved ones. We’ll take you out of your comfort zones and promise to see, explore and try new things, embrace adventures, enjoy experiences and make good memories with your children.

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When women are together they get each other and they are far more open to making new friends and have a great time together. if you are a woman either you are a mother, a wife or a career woman, tired of stress & daily work willing to travel it is time to leave all of that to the side and join our once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience your first women-only tour with us through our exclusive private woman to woman Morocco tours.  You will meet women from around the globe. We care about the women who travel with us, we plan for special activities & luxurious Morocco tours designed exclusively only for our valuable ladies from wellness, art, to cooking & many more exciting activities so that together each of you superb ladies can realize her individual travel dreams.


Arts and culture with tourism contribute to countries’ economic development in a way that influences foreign travelers by changing opinions, learning positive behaviors and values, fostering creativity, goodness and beauty. We have created these designed art Morocco itineraries exclusively to help in allowing our valuable travelers from different cultures, races and religions to communicate with each other via images, sounds and stories and see famous local museums, art galleries, local arts and cuisine and most importantly get connected with the local environment to explore activities that are related to Art.

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