The desert is a dedicated opportunity for a spiritual journey and a good time for reflection and mediation that gives you a deepening awareness of your thoughts, it also helps you increase your self-knowledge and put your struggles into a proper perspective.

At our Bedouin luxury private camps, you will enjoy some memorable, relaxed moments isolated amidst the unparalleled desert sands.
we offer the most advanced and matchless fascinating desert travel experience full of a set of breathtaking activities starting from the unique experience of camel riding over the sand dunes, Stargazing, sitting around the camp fire, sandboarding, to the thrill of riding a quad bike across the infinite expanse of the Desert.

Your special experience and adventure in the desert include the best designed private safaris by camels and by the use of powerful 4X4 vehicles which are maneuvered by expert private drivers, interesting cooking class workshops in private luxurious camp or at a nomad family where you will have the opportunity to see and taste the Berber pizza” Medfouna”, the traditional popular dish Couscous, or a Berber tagine besides the daily gourmet dinners in private caidal tents under the stars.

We work hand in hand with you to help in planning and creating all aspects of your ideal honeymoon trip, dream wedding ceremony, your friends’ anniversary or your son’ birthday in the desert, making every event special, exclusive and personal to you and creating memorable celebrations of your love.

We invite you to come and live the real desert experience, wherever you are staying during your tour in Morocco Marrakech, Fes, Casablanca or elsewhere we provide private flights by helicopter and private jet to Errachidia Airport followed with airport transfers to the desert by private Jeep, we do reservations also for internal direct flights from Casablanca to Errachidia airport, if your itinerary and time allow you will live the south adventure with our best expert drivers who are available and always ready to escort you by private Jeeps to the desert through the fascinating Berber villages & the thrilling, unique and fabulous sceneries.

We also invite you our valuable guests from all over the world to help us provide nomad families in the desert and poor orphans who live in the mountain near Marrakech with the basic needs like clothing, food and goods by donating 10 euros.