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Erg Chebbi Luxury Camp

Erg Chebbi Luxury Camp

Merzouga’s ideal place among the sand dunes of Erg Chebbi makes it a must-see terminus, and a lovely room to enjoy absolute silence away from today’s modern features of life. The golden sand dunes of Erg Chebbi are the most superb hills in North Africa. With a height of 150 meters and an area of 50 km across the area. The terminus entices millions of guests yearly, due to the superb charms it involves, such as breath-taking evenings/sunrises and a range of activities to do like camel riding, quad bikes excursions, sand-boarding, and diverse tourism opportunities.

The Erg Chebbi dunes have an extensive visual appeal; observe the film directors, writers, artists, and photographs who struggle to convey their attractiveness.  Moreover the trek will start accurately into the desert at 1:30 min, We will stay at the night in a furnished Erg Chebbi Luxury Camp with beats music in the middle of the Sahara, this is a prodigious chance to take lovely pictures.

Enjoy a tour from Erg Chebbi mounds to Midlet to Fes

Wake early, as the drifters do, and grasp the day. There will be sufficient time for yoga or meditation previously mealtime for initial risers. Enjoy the magnificence of daybreak and then a hearty dessert breakfast assisted by our approachable camp chef. As you banquet, watch the shiny, regular layer of fine sand rush across the desert dunes, reshaping them, building somewhat completely new. It is a notice that those who stand still fester. Moreover this desert magic has enthused many authors and photographers. One of the most well-known was Paul Bowles, who wrote ‘Sheltering Sky’. The pandemonium of the world ends in the desert. This is where you become one with the cosmos, and life begins over.

All on-board our 4×4 we skull north, adventure the mountains of the Middle Atlas driving done a most superb cedar and hazelwood forest. The landscape variations vividly around Azrou, Ifrane – a prevalent center for season sports, recognized as “the Switzerland of Morocco. We stop in Midelt for coffee and pastries and then on to Fez. The eldest of the Grand cities, and the most significant past and inventive center of Morocco. We will bond you at your hotel or to the Airport.

As a desert is an enchanted place, and we make a memorable trip here

Serenity, vibrant skies, bright stars, iridescent vistas, intense colors, huge hills, and charming experiences. This can all be enjoyed in comfort at Erg Chebbi Luxury Camp, moreover at the key camp or at one of our nomadic camps.

For those looking for privacy or a somewhat closer environment. While we have 2 smaller camps situated about 60 minutes by foot or camel from the main camp. These camps contain 5 luxury -suite camps, chill-out lounges, and mounds and are snuggled in the dunes. The camp can be reserved on a special during all Year. Placed tactically in the middle of the big dunes of the Erg Chebi Desert, Erg Chebbi Luxury Camp also offers a remarkable wandering practice.

Core qualities of our camp

An ocean of empathetic, apricot-toned sands, warm – the systematic scenery of the Erg Chebbi desert is one of Morocco’s most appealing natural phenomena. For millennia, travelers have wondered at its endless quietness – a prettiness beyond words. For the exhausted traveler looking for such curative magic, we bid on a very special evacuation: our Erg Chebbi Luxury Camp.

Aside from your attendant and your friends, the only other people you may meet all through your stay are the native Berber Nomads that call this harsh yet lovely environment home. Whether you choice a private camp involvement or pick to stay at our Erg Chebbi Luxury Camp, you will find your minds revitalized as you decline in a departure of calm and serenity, taking time as you may discover one of Earth’s most remarkable natural sceneries.

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