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Desert Luxury Camps

We try to fly beyond the presents of a standard inn to give you generous conduct occupied inside the wealthy antiquity and well-mannered hospitality of Moroccan values at our desolate tract camps. Ease is at the center of all we do, signified inside the nature-stimulated adornment of our tents, which mixture present day and antique rudiments in phrases of layout, additionally as the abilities of our body of workers in giving you the satisfactory and right provider.

Our Desert Luxury Camps have obtainable its brand as one of the maximum acquainted desert camps by way of supplying a new common of luxurious offerings. Spending a night at one among our unique camps will come up with a once inside practice of complete luxury in the awesome wilderness setting enclosed by using the histrionic landscapes of the big dunes, as we concept you an extremely good level of welcome letting you step back over history and trial a real taste of the existence of antique ethos of desolate tract nomads, whilst also liking the quality amenities on provide.

We offer you a good assortment of desert actions.

Our Desert Luxury Camps is an amiable desolate tract camp within the center of the Sahara desolate tract that gives immoderate offerings and numerous picks in 2 multiple kinds of tents; Luxury Tents that have enough money carrier of high area, personal bathtub, and restrooms, with non-public rooms, and notable high-quality of meals. While we offer you an excellent assortment of desert actions. For a nice excursion inside the Sahara desert, we will be satisfied to proportion exceptional moments all through your stay at The Sandy Tents.

Here, you may have an upright rest after your prodigious experience discovering us. The Sandy Tents landscapes are an exceptional mixture of previous Moroccan fashion with cutting-edge decor.  Moreover the Sandy Tents is one of the most beautiful Camps in the Desert.

The Sandy Tents is one of the most beautiful Camps in the Desert.


You will begin your day with a lovely breakfast opposite the dunes or within the bistro which is a big tent. It is helped as a counter with an extensive desire of condiments to make whole of power (pies, bread, orange juice, espresso, butter, jam, tea, and so forth.). Therefore, you will be capable of cheer to our big photograph windows, to gain from the super view which is offered to you.

Dinner, quickly, you will decide the adorable delicacies of our Chef, made from a mixture of vintage-style cuisine, Moroccan dishes, and worldwide cuisine. We hold the steadiness of our meals and the distinction of the goods we help you with. You can also determine via your stay the delightful Madfouna available using our vicinity as well as the Couscous and the Tajine with multiple styles of meat(Chicken, Beef, Sheep, Goat), measured as a terrific dish in Morocco. Moreover if you are a vegan, fruitarian, or have certain aversions, let us recognize them in advance and our Chef will appropriate! Remaining with us will permit you to like a contemporary home in a conventional manner, with all of the facilities (Toilet, Bathroom, washbowl), with very contented beds stop to stop with blankets, towels, cleaning soap, and shampoo…

Our guests come around us for a reliable experience of Berber life.

This also comprises facing all the desert has to offer.

  • Maybe a camel trek into the hills to practice the awe-inspiring desert at sunrise or sunset.
  • Conceivably you are the audacious type and need to include the desert via 4×4 vehicles or by the quad.
  • Or maybe you are into the serious sand boarding among the huge dunes of the area of Erg Chebbi.

Our Desert Luxury Camps have three separated private camps; each camp setup comes with two or 3 tents escorted by way of a non-public eating place and open space in which you find out a fireside enclosed with wood chairs and a walkway with a modish Moroccan mosaic table from which you can sit down, lessen and drink your tea even as analyzing the most delightful scenic view of the dunes.

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