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Best Time to Travel to Morocco | Ultimate Guide 2022

The land of astounding cultural diversity and interfaith- Morocco has a lot of exciting attractions to put forward. From strapping mountains and enthralling dunes to imperial cities, Morocco is packed with loadstones. The mighty kingdom of Morocco due to its warm hospitality and tolerance makes it among alluring holiday destinations. The varied geography and climate of the kingdom might make it challenging for you to work out a suitable time to visit Morocco. Here we have covered the best time to travel to Morocco for you.

Whether you want to explore the Sahara Desert or experience Marrakech, the best time of the year to visit the country depends on the location you want to pop in. Although, there is no bad time to visit Morocco the most recommended time is either spring or autumn. With the stunning scenery of the Sahara Desert and vibrant cities, Morocco has got everything. The diverse geography of the country, however, requires you to time your visit based on where you want to go. For that reason, it’s good to have an idea about the weather in the country. Here is the overview of Morocco’s whether to ease the process of choosing your favorite spot.

Morocco Weather: An Overview

Morocco’s weather is unpredictable and varies greatly from location to location. However, according to destination experts, the best time to travel to Morocco is from mid-March-May or September-October. For the reason that, Weather is warm but extremely pleasant unlike the sweltering heat of summer or iciness of winter tide. March makes the end of winters and the beginning of spring in Morocco; this is a great time to visit the great Sahara Desert.

Accommodation and flight prices especially in Marrakech raise near the easter festival when the Christian population visits Morocco to enjoy Easter in the liveliest fashion. If you are looking for peace of mind and want to explore the amazing markets comfortably, easter isn’t the best time to visit Morocco.

The coastal region and the High Atlas Mountain range can be visited all year long. The coastal cities Tangier, Rabat, and Casablanca mostly have quite pleasant weather while in summers one may face humidity as the temperature goes higher up to 70°f. Talking about Atlas Mountain, one can feel cold in winters and the warmth of the sun may make it a little bit difficult to hike in summers. However, if heat is not your concern, you can visit Atlas Mountain whenever you want.

Let’s now narrow down to a month-month weather guide of the kingdom of the west, to guide you on the best time to travel to Morocco.

Best Time to Visit Morocco Month by Month

Best Time to Visit Morocco Month by Month-min

Morocco’s climate like its culture is diverse and varies greatly with season and region. For that reason, it’s essential to know which month is suitable for visiting your favorite destination. To give you an idea about what Morocco has to offer throughout the year, let’s rundown the monthly guide.

Weather in Morocco in January

January although is the coldest yet wettest month of Morocco, is a great time to explore the endless sandy scenery of the Deserts.

Winters on the north side of the country are wet while on the south side are drier but cold. Winters in the Sahara are mild however the temperature may drop dramatically at night making hiking back-breaking. However, it entirely depends on the elevation you are planning to trek to.

January has low tourist traffic if you want to visit Marrakesh or south-central Morocco without any hassle, you can enjoy a lot of warmth and sunny weather.

Weather in Morocco in February

The south section of the country is the most comfortable to visit in February. Unlike January, February is not as rainy, but you can expect a rainy or two during your visit. Days can be a little warm but the nights still retain the winter chills. Temperature can go highest up to 67-71°F to lowest 45-49°F

If you want to explore the cities like Tangier and Marrakesh with less crowd and population, February is the best time to travel to Morocco. Moreover, the accommodation prices will be less during a low season.

If you want to head towards the Atlantic coast and the Sahara Desert, the pleasantly warm February weather can make trekking or camel rides more pleasant. Keep in mind that that heavy rain may bring the river level too high, blocking some of the tracks. If you have a plan to visit the north side of the country, February is the best time of the year to visit Morocco. Moreover, the Almond blossom festival also takes place in February, so if you are visiting Morocco in February don’t miss their traditional festival.

Weather in Morocco in March

If the weather is the prime factor when deciding the best time to travel to Morocco, then March is the best time of the year to do that.

The weather at day time is pleasant and is pretty bearable at night. However, you may need some warm clothes if you have a plan of spending your time outdoors after dark. The temperature from highest to lowest can vary from 75°F-65°F giving you a perfect opportunity to fulfill your sense of adventure and make memories.

Tourist traffic at the start of march is still low, you can enjoy the amazing scenic views of Morocco with less crowd.

If you are a nature lover, bring your camera to Morocco and capture the exquisite beauty of majestic mountains and sandy dunes in the spring season.

Weather in Morocco in April

As told earlier, spring is one of the best times to visit Morocco. April continues the spring vibes and days grows warmer with temperature going highest up to 75 °F, the evenings, however, are still chill. The coastal region of the country is a bit colder with an average temperature of 60°f-68°f.

The tourist traffic however increases, April is the best time visit travel to Morocco if you want to enjoy Marathon des sables in the Sahara Desert to enjoy the rich artistic culture of Morocco. However, if you plan to spend time in the Atlas Mountain range, keep in mind April is the wettest month here. Moreover, April is the ideal time to explore local medians and markets of the cities if you like the hustling and bustling of a crowd.

Weather in Morocco in May

May in Morocco is sunny and dry as spring is in full blossom. With the summer solstice right around the corner, May is the strong contender to visit beach areas of the country.

The average temperature for May is 82°f with windy days and balmy nights. If you want to explore the Sahara Desert may be your last option for the best time to travel to Morocco.

Moreover, in May you can enjoy the festival of roses.

Weather in Morocco in June

The average June temperature in Morocco goes up to 88°f to the lowest 61°c. In most regions of the country, the temperature is still bearable as June is the start of summertime.

With the proper planning, choice of clothes you can enjoy and explore. Morocco in June to the fullest. June in Morocco usually has high tourist traffic, so it’s better to prebook your accommodations if you have any hotels or resorts in mind. June is the best time of the year to visit Morocco for sun, fun, and surfing. June also offers un miss able Marrakech du Rire festival.

Weather in Morocco in July

If you are amongst people who love summers, July is the best time to travel to Morocco. July is the hottest month in the country and the temperature hovers around 86°f.

Beachy areas of the countries are full of European and other tourists who come there to enjoy sunny and bright days. This is essential to consider if you have plans of visiting Morocco in July without any trouble.

People of Morocco celebrate a lot of music and art festival in the month of July with National festivals of the popular arts of Marrakech being prominent.

Weather in Morocco in August

The overall temperature of Morocco in August is high, regardless of the place you want to visit. The small street of Marrakech faces extreme humidity. The temperature mostly remains at 104°f, however, the coastal region is breezy but still warm.

Agadir can be the best choice to visit in August as the weather is more pleasant there. If you think August is the best time to travel to Morocco, plan your trip strategically to beat the heat.

Weather in Morocco in September

The temperature starts cooling off around the city in the month of September. Depending on your destination, the month can be comfortable or sweltering.

For cities like Marrakech with an average temperature of 80°f, September is the best time to visit Morocco while it’s still hot for areas near the Sahara Desert.

The only place you should skip if planning a tour to Morocco in September is the Desert areas as the weather in the Sahara Desert is still too hot.

In September you can enjoy Tanjazz and Oasis festivals in Morocco if you are a music lover.

Weather in Morocco in October

October is one of the best times of the year to visit Morocco with the average temperature ranging between 78°f-68°f.

With the manageable crowd, interesting events, and pleasant temperature October is a fine time to go anywhere in Morocco

Note to bring an umbrella and warm clothes, if you want to visit fes or Casablanca.

Weather in Morocco in November

November in Morocco means cool weather with shorter days. The Atlas Mountains with an average temperature of 62°f provide ideal weather for trekking in November.

Outdoor activities on the Atlantic coast are at their peak. Marrakesh sees a few rainy days, however, in fes November is a fairly rainy period making nights more chiller.

Weather in Morocco in December

The weather is pretty friendly if you want to travel to Morocco. The country is quite busy at the end of the year. The weather is mild and rainy with an average temperature of 64°f around the country.

This may not be the best time for sunbathing at the beach but is a great time to hike without getting sunburned.

Weather Season in Morocco and when to travel to Morocco 

Best time to visit the Sahara Desert-min

A persistent myth about Moroccan weather is that it remains hot throughout the year. Morocco, in fact, has four distinct seasons.

Regardless of the temperature variation due to its location, Morocco is usually sunny and an ideal holiday destination.

After reading our month-to-month guide about the best time to travel to Morocco, you can easily figure out what you can expect in Morocco in different months.

Best time to visit the Sahara Desert

We suggest you avoid visiting the Sahara desert in summer because the weather in Sahara is quite hot and uncomfortable. The best time you can enjoy the fullest of Sahara beauty is spring and autumn when temperatures are milder. This way you not only avoid the intense summer heat but also chilled winter nights.


Mild temperature and moderate accommodation prices make the spring season the best time to travel to Morocco. With the arrival of spring, coastal regions of the country become fresh and pleasant and are the best place for hiking and exploring the Sahara Desert. However, winters are the best time for experiencing skiing on the high Atlas Mountain. So, pack your clothes accordingly and enjoy the magical land of Morocco.



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